5 Classic Kids Party Games

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Now that you’ve ticked all the items on your birthday party checklist, it’s time to plan for some games that will make your kid’s party more entertaining. Here are some classic games that are sure to

Game #1 – Musical Chairs

This game is played with at least 6 players and some chairs. The chairs must be lesser than the players and positioned in two rows back to back. When the music is played the kids will walk around the chair, when it stops they will race to sit in the chairs, whoever is left without a chair is out. A chair will take out as every time a player is eliminated. The last kid to remain is the winner.

Game #2 – Pass the Parcel

Pass the Parcel is similar to musical chairs, but instead of chairs and kids walking around. A parcel will be passed around while the music plays and whoever is holding the parcel when the music stops will get to unwrap it and get the treat. In wrapping, the parcel makes sure you do it in a way that kids can easily peel off a layer without tearing the next.

Game #3 – Simon Says

An adult will play as “Simon” and every command beginning with “Simon says…” will be done by the kids otherwise, they won’t perform it. The last player left will be the winner of the game.

Game #4 – Statues

There is no limit to the number of participants to this game. Just ask the kids to spread out in the room and dance to the beat of the music. Once the music stops the kids will freeze to their last position and whoever moves will be eliminated. Repeat the process until only one person is left.

Game #5 – Potato Sack Relay

This is an outdoor game played by teams. You can divide the group into two or three teams; set-up some markers at a short distance away for kids to hop around during the game. Every member of each team will get into the potato sack one at a time and hop around the markers then go back to their team. The fastest team to finish wins.
Bored party guests are the worst thing that can happen to your child’s birthday party. With these games, guests will surely have loads of fun, without you spending tons of money.



Birthday Craft Ideas for Children’s Parties

Child and mother.
Child and mother.

When planning a children’s party, the element of fun is one of the factors that the host must consider. Of course, there are also other important things that you need to prepare beforehand such as the venue, the cake, etc. But in order to have a successful party, try to prepare some interesting things for your little guests to do. I’ve listed here a few birthday crafts that you can do on your kid’s party. See each one if it is the most age-appropriate activity for your birthday group.

Print infinity scarf

The author of “The Giant Book of Creativity for Kids,” Bobbi Conner, suggests that kids make their own homemade scarf. You can ask the guests to bring an old light-colored T-shirt. Then, cut it off, leaving only the mid-section in order to create a loop-scarf. Have the guests to dip cut-up sponges or stamps into the paint and press the items into the scarf to print a particular design. Try to let the children decide on a basic design before starting to print.

Musical instruments

Let the kids be the entertainment. You can gather soda can pop tabs, oatmeal containers, plastic milk jugs, tissue boxes and rubber bands to be used by kids to create their own instruments. You can also let them decorate their chosen container with paint or colored paper before making music out of it.

Snow globes

Here, try to give every child a glass jar but take note that this is best for kids a little older as they are more careful with the glass. Then, set out small plastic animals or character figurines. Let them glue such items to the inside of the lid using waterproof glue. Fill the jar with water and glitters. Finally, seal the edges with glue and close the jar.

All about me coasters

This is a suggestion from Rhonda Conry, president of Art from the Heart Classes. Provide each child four 4×4 inch tiles which you can buy at hardware stores with your color of choice. Then, take four personality photos of each child having funny faces. Print using photo paper before trimming to 3×3 inch square. Paste the photos to the tiles and when they’re dry, use permanent makers to decorate the borders.



Planning for your kid’s birthday party


Your child’s birthday party is an opportunity to use your creativity. There are a lot of possible themes, decorations and menu choices you can choose from to make it a grand event. An age-appropriate theme, a unique kid’s party entertainment along with a kid-friendly menu; will the event a memorable for your child.

You have to watch yourself though and not fall into the trap of choosing the theme for your child’s party based on the month or season (unless it’s really a theme that your child is truly interested in). The theme should be something that your child personally enjoys after all the event is about celebrating their uniqueness.

The local craft store is a good place to get some ideas and supplies for the party’s decorations. If it suits your lifestyle better, you can opt to order the party supplies online. You can hang mobiles on the ceiling or in any prominent location. All you have to do is print out images which symbolize the theme, you can stick them back to back and insert a string in between. You can also, make your own banner, by printing the letters on colorful stationery or themed paper and attaching them to a string or rope using a cute clothespin.

When it comes to the party’s menu, you must keep it simple. Kid’s don’t eat that much. Like the theme, prepare food that your child usually eats so that you can avoid left-over. You need to also know whether some of the guests have food restrictions, to prevent the incidence of allergies occurring.

When it comes to entertainment, you can modify classic games to make it conform to the theme. You can also hire professional entertainers who will perform for the kids and facilitate games and activities. You can visit our website at www.AmazingAttractions.com for a complete list of our services. We’ll be glad to help you create an unforgettable kids party entertainment.


Organizing a stress-free kid’s party



A stress-free birthday party is a celebration where your child will enjoy the company of his/her guests. It is not at all about extravagance or how much money you spend. It is to make sure that what you planned is something that your child will enjoy the most during his/her big day which Amazing Attractions can provide.

Here are essential factors you need to consider as you begin to organize the party:

  1. Choose a location

To be accommodated in an outside facility for your child’s party, book at least 2 months in advance. Popular facilities, especially parks might be fully-booked especially in warmer months. If you want to hold the party on your desired date, book ahead. If you opt for a home party, the same time frame applies to give you ample time to work out the details. Before you decide where to hold the party, bear in mind that the venue should be somewhere both the children and adults will enjoy.

  1. R.S.V.P. the invitations

Before sending the invite, send out a save the date about 2 months ahead from the party. After a month, send the invitation with RSVP so you’ll know how many guests you’ll be expecting. You can follow-up their responses through e-mail or better yet through a personal phone call.

  1. Make your guests excited

Add extra decorations to the place if you opt to do it at home. Make sure your guests have enough room to move around. If you’re doing it at an outside facility, visit the site beforehand and take a tour to see what it can offer. To be safe, you can go ahead and ask your guests for their idea of a fun location for the party.

  1. Keep the food simple

When it comes to the food’s party, make sure that the kids like 75-80% of the food on the menu. If the party will have a greater number of kids on the guest list, don’t bother buying too much food, because kids won’t eat much. The best route to take is to prepare your child’s favorite dish or order a pizza.

  1. Party Theme

When it comes to the party’s decorations, do it according to the theme your child prefers. You can purchase plates, balloons, party hats and utensils relevant to the theme. For an added effect, you can custom-make the birthday cake to fit the theme.

  1. Party bags

Fill it with goodies and toys which are also theme-based. This will make the party bag more appealing to the kids.

  1. Party activities

Aside from games, come up with fun party activities that will make the guests busy. You can set-up art materials for a T-shirt painting activity or decorating a bouncy ball. The kids will cherish their work while having fun.

  1. Party entertainment

This will be taken cared of when the party is held at an outside facility. If it is a home party, make sure to prepare games to prevent your house from being damaged be the kids who’ll turn it into a park due to boredom. Amazing Attractions Entertainment has a wide variety of performers who’ll provide entertainment based on the theme.

  1. Budget

You must assess whether you have more money or more time. This will determine how you will proceed with the party preparations.

  1. Don’t forget the cake

Whether you custom make it or let someone else bake it, think of ways to make it appealing and interesting for the kids. Also, choose a flavor which is most appealing to the kids’ taste buds.


Delightful Ideas for Your Upcoming Birthday Party

Delightful Ideas for Your Upcoming Birthday PartyHave you recently made the decision to host a birthday party in your home? If so, there is a decent possibility that you may have already started the planning process. If so, have you decided on a variety of party entertainment yet? Even if you have started planning your birthday party, there is a good chance that you have yet to get to the entertainment. This is because entertainment is often one of the last things that a party host plans. Well, if it is time for you to start thinking about your birthday party entertainment, you will find that you, literally, have an unlimited number of options.

When it comes to deciding on party entertainment, for your birthday party, it is important to keep the type of party that you are hosting in mind. Are you having a formal birthday party or a causal birthday party?

Regardless of what type of birthday party you are having, you may enjoy having music played. The type of birthday party you have; however, will have an impact on the type of music that you choose. If you are having a formal birthday party, classical music may do. For a causal birthday party, music that your guests can get up and dancing to may be the perfect form of entertainment. It is your choice if you would like to have music at your birthday party, as well as what type of music, it may be a good idea to tailor your selection to your birthday party.

Party games are another popular form of entertainment that may be ideal for your birthday party. If you are hosting a kid only birthday party, it is almost guaranteed that games will be a hit. For adult parties, adult themed games are also popular. As you may likely already know, party games, particularly those that are causal in nature, may not fit in with a formal birthday party. That does not mean that you can not incorporate party games into a formal birthday party, it just means that you want to find games that will fit in with your party theme. You can easily find a wide array of birthday party game ideas online, often with a standard internet search.

While you might not necessarily consider eating a form of entertainment, it could easily be considered one. If you are planning a casual birthday party, it may be ideal to have a wide array of snacks on hand, particularly if children will be present at your party. For a formal birthday party, a full fledge birthday dinner may be the perfect choice. It is also advised that you try and tailor your selection of food and snacks to your party style. If you are hosting a formal birthday party, it may be a good idea to have elegant dishes prepared for the dinner and for the snacks.

As you can easily see, there are a number of different forms of entertainment that you can offer at your next birthday party. Regardless of which type of party you plan on hosting, you can easily take steps to ensure that your party guests have a fun, exciting, and memorable time.

The Haunted Halls for Your Halloween Party

Amazing Attractions Haunted HouseNow that the Halloween is coming near, you might think of hosting a scary party. The good thing is you will not organize it all by yourself. You can hire the services of some companies that specialize in this kind of production. The Haunted Halls is one of these setups that everyone will remember all year long. When we haunt your home or business, your guests will definitely have a memorable experience that they will still talk about years from now.

If you need a complete haunted house at your business or home, contact the Amazing Attractions to do the job for you. We can set up a tent on your property and supply all the scenes, the decorations, as well as the animated and static displays. We will also provide you with the props, costumes, masks, makeup and magic. All you have to do is to supply the place and the actors. But you an alternative option to hire our actors if you want.

Unlike the common haunted house that you’ve experienced from school, this one will truly amaze your guests as much as it will scare them. Our setup s ideal for small children party, a family event for adults and kids, or adults affair that might be a little too intense for the kids.

Amazing Attractions can create Haunted and Magical scenes for a really unique experience. These include building a maze, costumes, special lighting, sound and special effects and even actors. In terms of safety, you have nothing to worry about as it is our priority. The scene include static and animated displays as well.

We have a very creative production team that can supply all necessary things for a great haunted house setup. Our talents include the actors, magicians, illusionists, stilt walkers, jugglers, clowns (both good and evil), and acrobats. For best setup and effects, we are staffed with talented illusion designers, costumers, makeup artists, scenic artists, prop makers and choreographers.

All of these are able to give you a customized show or event that will suit your special needs. This is a first class scare that matches the sophistication of the participants.

Stress-Free Birthday Party Planning

While some parents feel that planning their child’s birthday party is taxing, others would actually find it thrilling. There are some things, however, that one should always keep in mind in preparation of the party to make it more joyful that stressful. Whether it’s simple or fancy, one of the keys to having a fun children’s party is to consider what is fitting for your kid’s age, the family’s preference, and of course, the budget. You don’t want your child causing a racket because of being overwhelmed by the mascot or by lots of unfamiliar people crowding around him.

It’s always important to consider and involve your child in the planning process. Younger kids would likely tell you what color theme or cake flavour they would want. For older children, you could talk with them about a party theme, who they would like to invite or even let them choose which outdoor playground they would prefer. You could make your own homemade invitation with your child; younger ones could draw or paint while the older ones could help you make a digitalized invitation. It’s also ideal to plan out the food to be served at the party. Put yours and your child’s creativity in action by making snacks that would fit the party theme.

Make a guest list. For younger children, small groups are recommended for easier management. You could adjust the number of guests according to the child’s age. When sending invitations to your child’s close school friends, it’s a good idea to send it through e-mail or post. It’s risky to send them out at school, as you might be shocked to see that you have more guests than you have expected.

Your aim in hosting a party is for everyone to have fun, so it’s important to start by making the proper steps in the decision-making process. These tips are helpful, but remember that very family is unique, so having a successful birthday party is completely in your own hands.

Amazing Attractions will cater your needs; from event planner to party entertainment. Call them now!